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AV7 ~ The New Authorized Version of the Bible
in Present-day English  ~  Copyright 1973-2011
The New Authorized Version Foundation

Only commercial rights are reserved.
All others may freely copy.
All Scripture texts contained herein are the gift of Almighty God to mankind and may be freely copied for any non-commercial use* with only three stipulations:

1.  Please identify all quotations from this text as being from AV7.

2.  No changes may be made in any AV7 text and or its distinctive formatting.

3.  *Commercial use is defined as any reproduction of The AV7 Bible
      for which any fee is charged.  Commercial use requires an appropriate
      license from the copyright holder.

AV7 is compiled and published by Communication Architects Publishing
for the New Authorized Version Foundation
ISBN number: 978-0-935597-09-7                             

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