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Seven Key Features

While The AV7 Bible has many important features that are not found in other versions of the Bible, the following seven key features are the  F.A.I.R.E.S.T.

    (Click on each title for a more complete description of each feature.)

  • Free   ~   freely given   ~   not  "All Rights Reserved" copy restricted
  • Accurate   ~   word-for-word literally accurate translation
  • Inviting   ~   featuring a Cordial Invitation to join God's family
  • Reliable   ~   with exhaustive documentation to validate every detail
  • Easy   ~   easy to read, easy to navigate, and easy to understand
  • Simplified   ~   focused on  "The Most Essential Truth"  in the Bible
  • Trustworth Truth   ~   not  an interpretive paraphrase.
Among other important features in The AV7 Bible, you will appreciate a very readable type size, no clutter of footnotes or marginal notes, many key passages presented in framed borders, and much more.   . . .  Continue  . . .

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